Friday, November 20, 2009

Furniture Grouping



This depicts an ideal conversation grouping, that also faces the fireplace and outdoor view, while maintaining a wide open welcoming entry into the area.  Note the large scale of the coffee table.  My client and I purchased the dramatic mirror, which was actually our starting point, at Decore Store in Westlake Village, CA. The chairs feature a unique paisley pattern.  The slipcovered sofa and chairs are from Reeds Furniture, the large area rug grounds the space.  The torn leaf palms provide a light and airy accent and create warmth and needed height in this 10 ft ceiling room.  Note there are five fabric patterns in this room with an unexpected punch provided by the geometric pattern on the pillows.  




Via Capotie

This neutral pallet master bedroom is unique.  The two long narrow windows seem to frame the king size four poster bed, bedspread and pillows add texture. A  large rug with a beautiful subtle pattern  really grounds the space. Lights placed above the window treatments highlight the fabric .







Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Meet the designer

The old saying, “it’s in the blood,” sure applies to me.  My mom (who lives to redo) tells me I was no more than three years old when she gave me a dollhouse.  Some of the rooms were painted on the walls as were the curtains, etc.  No problem, I re-painted the walls with my watercolor paint set, and cut and pasted scraps of fabric for the curtains, etc.  Now on to the furniture, which I made out of cardboard and endlessly rearranged. 

   Laurie Blaswich is the visionary behind the Ventura County based Bella Inspirations – a design consulting business with sensible home makeovers.  Some of my projects include a casual beach house in Ventura Keys CA, furniture placement from an itsy first home to an expansive  custom  home in North Ranch CA.   

   Along the way, I have been assisted by my loyal, loving husband, Robert.  From our first apartment to the countless homes my husband and I have rehabbed/decorated, his comment is always, “Are we done yet?”  Of course, we are NEVER done!   

  Contact me directly if you would like to discuss your specific project.